Getting Started, Frequently Asked Questions

Just getting started with On Demand services? Not sure where to start? Not a problem! If you are looking for answers to some of the more common questions we come across, you're in the right place! If your question is not covered by anything below feel free to get in touch with us here.


When you work with MWW On Demand you are literally plugging into our manufacturing facility. In the past, you would purchase large quantities of items from a wholesaler and hold the inventory until the items sold. And, in most cases, you would have to absorb the cost and lose money while unsold items sit on the shelf. In the On Demand model, you plug directly into your manufacturing and supply chain. You gain the unique advantage of carrying zero inventory as well as carrying many products at once with little to no risk. Welcome to the future!

An account can be created here. Once your account has been authorized you will be able to use our portal to place orders. If you would like to find out about our other ordering options such as an API connection or an e-commerce plug-in please contact us here.

There are no setup fees involved in creating an account with our company. In addition, there are no minimum order quantities or service charges!

We accept all major credit cards such as: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

MWW On Demand prides itself on white label packaging. Your customer will not know that we are fulfilling your orders unless you choose to tell them.

A Tax ID is required if your business is based in the United States. MWW is a business-to-business (B2B) company that uses Tax ID to verify your business.

We are a B2B company only. MWW On Demand does not participate in the marketing or selling of any customer products.


Colors may differ slightly when printed depending on your individual screen settings and the substrate of the fabric selected.

No, we do not review your images or designs when orders are submitted. It is up to you to ensure the artwork is the exact way you want it before submitting it to us.

Our average production time is 5 days. While we pride ourself on good turn-around times, this can sometimes vary depending on the time of year such as around major holidays.

This depends entirely on the product. Image sizes can range from as small as 8.5" x 6" to products as large as 88" x 104". DPI can range from 96 dpi to 300 dpi.

Yes, you are free to list other products on your site. We do not place restrictions on what you sell.

MWW On Demand uses two methods to create the products you can order: Dye Sublimation and Direct-to-Fabric Printing. Dye Sublimation digitally prints full color artwork with specially formulated dyes. These prints are then transferred using heat and pressure onto our polyester and polymer-coated substrates at the molecular level for a virtually permanent high-resolution, full color finished product. The Direct-to-Fabric printing process utilizes our specialized textile printers to deposit specialty inks directly onto the fibers of fabrics. This process is optimized for our natural fabrics.


Pricing is provided once you have registered for an account.

No, you don't have to! While you can certainly enter in orders manually in our customer portal, MMW On Demand offers other ways to place orders: via direct API integration or our e-commerce plug-in.

No, there are no minimum order quantities!

Yes! Not only do we ship all over the world, but we even have facilities around the globe as well to help speed up and simplify your international orders.

We ship with all major carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, etc).

We do not have set shipping rates and use the daily posted rates from the carrier.

There are no processing fees. Everything but the actual cost of shipping is included in the price.

Standard production time for all products is 5 business days. Shipping time will then be determined by the selected ship method and carrier.

All orders are shipped in either a white mylar bag for small orders or a plain cardboard box for larger orders.

Our packing slip has no MWW On Demand branding on it and includes the business address that you provide. It will also have the order ID number, the ship date, the product ID number, product description and quantity shipped.

Yes, we do offer those services! However, they are reserved for enterprise-level businesses whose annual sales volume is $1 million and above. If this describes you or your company, then we would love to discuss these options with you!

We are an on-demand business and do not store any stock of pre-printed items.

When your customer has an issue with an order, you can contact your MWW On Demand help desk and resolve it as necessary. Our customer service hours are: Monday thru Friday from 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time.

Yes, when your account is set up and connected to our ordering system you may order your own sample products.


All final "production ready" image files sent to us need to be in an RGB-mode JPG.

Yes, MWW On Demand provides templates for all our products. They are available to you upon completion of the registration process.


We work with all eCommerce platforms! MWW On Demand also offers a free plug-in for Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. If you're interested in more information about this special plug-in contact us here.

Yes, you can still use our services! Orders can be entered manually through our portal.